Thumbnail image for Fiddlers Green in June

Fiddlers Green in June

A coastal cottage garden with spectacular sea views overlooking a bay in the Orkney Isles

Thumbnail image for Eastbrook Avenue in June

Eastbrook Avenue in June

A town garden based on a circular theme, featuring a colourful annual display in containers

Thumbnail image for Pemberton Road in May

Pemberton Road in May

A contemporary courtyard garden within a completely redeveloped Victorian house by award-winning architects

Thumbnail image for The Avenue in August

The Avenue in August

An elegant contemporary garden with lawn, patio and decked terrace surrounded by colour and texture

Thumbnail image for Sweet Peas at Easton Walled Garden

Sweet Peas at Easton Walled Garden

Come midsummer, Easton Walled Gardens is filled with sweet peas, buzzing bees and a sweet fragrance

Thumbnail image for Vine Cottage in June

Vine Cottage in June

A 1.5-acre garden divided into garden rooms with formal courtyard, parterre, cherry walk, terrace and large topiary

Thumbnail image for Blue Lake Road in July

Blue Lake Road in July

An inspirational, half-acre garden with lawns, hedges, topiary, wildlife pond and herbaceous borders

Thumbnail image for Gardeners Cottage in June

Gardeners Cottage in June

The garden of Jim Buckland and Sarah Wain, the head-gardeners at West Dean, around their eighteenth-century cottage

Thumbnail image for Newby Hall in July

Newby Hall in July

At Newby Hall, a seamless transition between generations has ensured the great 25-acre garden has thrived

Thumbnail image for Old-Fashioned Roses at Daws Hall

Old-Fashioned Roses at Daws Hall

Major Iain Grahame has established a remarkable collection of old-fashioned roses, many have a rich heritage

Thumbnail image for Woodside Avenue in July

Woodside Avenue in July

A secluded city garden with outdoor living spaces and herbaceous borders designed around curved lines

Thumbnail image for Village Garden in June

Village Garden in June

A walled garden with terraces featuring a herb lawn, summerhouse, formal pond and vegetable garden

Thumbnail image for Windy Ridge in August

Windy Ridge in August

An award winning garden in a challenging position with circular lawn, gravel garden and mature planting

Thumbnail image for Tithe Barn in May

Tithe Barn in May

A walled garden filled with roses, perennials, a beehive, sunny terrace and miniature wildflower meadow

Thumbnail image for Ordnance House in June

Ordnance House in June

A 1 acre garden with a series of lawns, beds and borders linking a potager, orchard, formal parterre and seating areas

Thumbnail image for Peony Plant Profile

Peony Plant Profile

Flowering from spring into summer, peonies and the Itoh varieties, have many admirers

Thumbnail image for Midsummer Cottage Garden

Midsummer Cottage Garden

A classic English cottage garden with romantic borders and arches laden with climbing roses.

Thumbnail image for Little Orchard in July

Little Orchard in July

A stylish country courtyard garden with beautiful planting around salvaged furniture and antique decorations

Thumbnail image for Family Garden in May

Family Garden in May

A well designed child friendly garden for all the family, with trampoline and sandpit amongst colourful planting

Thumbnail image for Planting a July Hot Pot

Planting a July Hot Pot

A step-by-step guide to planting a hot summer display in a copper pot

Thumbnail image for Herb Hanging Basket in June

Herb Hanging Basket in June

A step-by-step guide to creating a hanging basket filled with herbs

Thumbnail image for Alpine Hanging Basket in May

Alpine Hanging Basket in May

A step-by-step guide to planting an Alpine hanging basket

Thumbnail image for Child Planting Wheelbarrow

Child Planting Wheelbarrow

Step-by-step of a child planting a collectible wheelbarrow with succulents

Thumbnail image for Southend Farm In August

Southend Farm In August

By late summer, cottage style borders peak in a small town garden wrapped round a mediaeval farmhouse

Thumbnail image for Combining Roses with June Perennials

Combining Roses with June Perennials

Roses flower from spring, through summer, into autumn, with a wide range of planting companions

Thumbnail image for The Coach House in July

The Coach House in July

A contemporary town walled garden insummer that maximises limited space with a sunken terrace and raised beds

Thumbnail image for Valley Road Garden in July

Valley Road Garden in July

A small summer garden set against the backdrop of a public park, rural in outlook whilst in a town location

Thumbnail image for Waterhouse Lane in August

Waterhouse Lane in August

Summer flowers and tropical plants fill a small town garden, amongst salvage finds and recycled junk

Thumbnail image for A Seaside Garden in June

A Seaside Garden in June

In spite of poor soil, sea spray and merciless winds, by summer this coastal garden is full of life, shells and driftwood

Thumbnail image for Summer at Coton Manor

Summer at Coton Manor

An old family country garden that blends borders with meadows, rills, herbs and June’s roses galore

Thumbnail image for Step-by-Step Planting a Summer Pot

Step-by-Step Planting a Summer Pot

By July, some areas of the garden are looking tired, so plant a pretty pot to inject instant colour

Thumbnail image for Dial Park in June

Dial Park in June

A small country garden where summer roses and perennials spill over in a parterre and a potager peaks

Thumbnail image for Top Ten Summer Container Ideas

Top Ten Summer Container Ideas

There’s no quicker way to brighten up patios, decks and terraces than with container planting

Thumbnail image for A Family Town Garden in May

A Family Town Garden in May

A clever garden layout makes the most of an unusual fan-shaped plot and is enjoyed all year round

Thumbnail image for Plant A Herb Container for Summer

Plant A Herb Container for Summer

Novice gardeners’ step by step guide to planting a pot in May, that by June supplies herbs

Thumbnail image for Town Place in July

Town Place in July

A traditional country garden celebrated for magnificent herbaceous borders and rose gardens in summer

Thumbnail image for Stuart Cottage in August

Stuart Cottage in August

A half-acre village garden that peaks in late summer with colour
themed borders of choice plants

Thumbnail image for Linden Barn in July

Linden Barn in July

A small village garden planted to peak in late summer with herbaceous perennials and roses

Thumbnail image for A Town Garden in June

A Town Garden in June

A clever design with pergola, sunken potager and summer flowers creates a space for entertaining

Thumbnail image for Woodmansterne in July

Woodmansterne in July

Resting between town and countryside, this family garden integrates play areas and summer flower borders

Thumbnail image for Woodbines Avenue Garden in August

Woodbines Avenue Garden in August

A long, thin town garden planted for year round interest, with abundant flowering in late summer

Thumbnail image for The Crest Garden in June

The Crest Garden in June

A suburban garden where a collection of salvage finds is transformed into unusual plant containers

Thumbnail image for Cut Summer Flowers

Cut Summer Flowers

Easily grown annuals and perennials provide fresh cut flowers for posies and bouquets well into autumn

Thumbnail image for Brooke Cottage in August

Brooke Cottage in August

A late summer garden that envelops a cottage in herbaceous, shady and container planting areas

Thumbnail image for Manor House in July

Manor House in July

A riverside garden with prairie style borders of grasses and perennials that peak in summer

Thumbnail image for Alexandra Drive in June

Alexandra Drive in June

In summer this small town garden is alive with roses and perennials amongst salvage finds

Thumbnail image for Abbeywood Gardens in August

Abbeywood Gardens in August

Late summer colour and exotic planting add a special charm to this beautiful rural family garden

Thumbnail image for Belle Vue in May

Belle Vue in May

A winding, decked path between packed borders makes a long narrow summer plot appear wider

Thumbnail image for Vine Road in June

Vine Road in June

Charming 15m x 29m town garden with summer roses and cottage garden planting embracing a Victorian house

Thumbnail image for Topiary Garden in August

Topiary Garden in August

Modern topiary garden of giant yew and box shapes, a parterre with standard holly and gravel, and pool in summer

Thumbnail image for Lily Plant Portrait

Lily Plant Portrait

Lilies are spring and summer bulbs with stunning lily flowers in white, pink, orange, cream, deep red or yellow

Thumbnail image for Holt Organic Farm in summer

Holt Organic Farm in summer

In August at Holt Organic, the gravel garden of herbaceous perennials, kitchen garden and wildflower meadow peak

Thumbnail image for Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender

Fragrant and purple in the summer sun, Hitchin Lavender fields peak in August with long rows of flowers to pick

Thumbnail image for High Summer Garden

High Summer Garden

Summer garden peaks in August with herbaceous perennials, roses and clematis in beds, borders and a parterre

Thumbnail image for Muswell Hill Garden

Muswell Hill Garden

Small town garden with early summer pots, terrace, lawn and herbaceous borders of cottage garden style planting

Thumbnail image for Bulbs for every month of the year

Bulbs for every month of the year

There are different bulbs to flower in winter, spring, summer and autumn, naturalised or in borders, beds or pots

Thumbnail image for Boxwood in high summer

Boxwood in high summer

Summer town garden sees cottage style herbaceous borders perennials, a shady pool, hosta walk, lovely pots, greenhouse

Thumbnail image for Barnwood in June

Barnwood in June

Small suburban garden with herbaceous beds, grass paths, thatched summer house and pond edged in marginals