Ordnance House in June

In summer the beds and borders spill over with bulbs and herbaceous perennials. ‘The planting ripples with colours of raspberry, white, purple and cream running through like a layer cake — I want to take a bite out of it because it looks so lovely!’ enthuses Terry. There are alliums in shades of purple or white (‘Purple Sensation’ and the lofty ‘Everest’), perfect globes that rise above a froth of mauve sweet rocket, wine-coloured aquilegias and white valerian. Then there are spires —foxgloves (Digitalis ‘Giant Spotted’ and ‘Foxy’) in shades of pink, cream or white, rising above a froth of sweet rocket, aquilegias, vanilla-coloured Sisyrinchium striatum and ‘Patty’s Plum’ oriental poppies with their crumpled, silky petals.

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