Thumbnail image for Fiddlers Green in June

Fiddlers Green in June

A coastal cottage garden with spectacular sea views overlooking a bay in the Orkney Isles

Thumbnail image for Eastbrook Avenue in June

Eastbrook Avenue in June

A town garden based on a circular theme, featuring a colourful annual display in containers

Thumbnail image for Vine Cottage in June

Vine Cottage in June

A 1.5-acre garden divided into garden rooms with formal courtyard, parterre, cherry walk, terrace and large topiary

Thumbnail image for Gardeners Cottage in June

Gardeners Cottage in June

The garden of Jim Buckland and Sarah Wain, the head-gardeners at West Dean, around their eighteenth-century cottage

Thumbnail image for Village Garden in June

Village Garden in June

A walled garden with terraces featuring a herb lawn, summerhouse, formal pond and vegetable garden

Thumbnail image for Ordnance House in June

Ordnance House in June

A 1 acre garden with a series of lawns, beds and borders linking a potager, orchard, formal parterre and seating areas

Thumbnail image for Herb Hanging Basket in June

Herb Hanging Basket in June

A step-by-step guide to creating a hanging basket filled with herbs

Thumbnail image for Southend Farm In August

Southend Farm In August

By late summer, cottage style borders peak in a small town garden wrapped round a mediaeval farmhouse

Thumbnail image for Combining Roses with June Perennials

Combining Roses with June Perennials

Roses flower from spring, through summer, into autumn, with a wide range of planting companions

Thumbnail image for A Seaside Garden in June

A Seaside Garden in June

In spite of poor soil, sea spray and merciless winds, by summer this coastal garden is full of life, shells and driftwood

Thumbnail image for Summer at Coton Manor

Summer at Coton Manor

An old family country garden that blends borders with meadows, rills, herbs and June’s roses galore

Thumbnail image for Dial Park in June

Dial Park in June

A small country garden where summer roses and perennials spill over in a parterre and a potager peaks

Thumbnail image for The Crest Garden in June

The Crest Garden in June

A suburban garden where a collection of salvage finds is transformed into unusual plant containers

Thumbnail image for Alexandra Drive in June

Alexandra Drive in June

In summer this small town garden is alive with roses and perennials amongst salvage finds

Thumbnail image for Muswell Hill Garden

Muswell Hill Garden

Small town garden with early summer pots, terrace, lawn and herbaceous borders of cottage garden style planting