Kim Wilde

‘Nicola was just great to work with. Her fantastic knowledge of horticulture made the whole process both efficient and hugely enjoyable … ‘ Kim Wilde (

Joanne Winn Garden Design

‘Nicola spent a couple of days with us photographing the garden and family and interviewing me. It was an absolute pleasure having Nicola here. She was lovely to work with, always considerate and polite and had some great ideas for adding little touches to enhance certain areas of the garden. I was totally bowled over by the truly wonderful photographs which really capture the beauty and atmosphere of the garden.

Not only was Nicola extremely talented, but she also demonstrated her competence of working with the rather challenging combination of animals and children, managing to persuade my very camera-shy teenage son, our chickens, and the neighbour’s pony to pose beautifully!’ (

Judith Glover

‘Having Nicola here to take photographs of my garden was a real pleasure. Even better, the results of her sensitive approach and creative eye will provide a lasting record of the garden for years to come,’ says Judith Glover, an award-winning garden designer and illustrator.’ (

Hilary and Brian Barnes

No-one could fail to be bowled over by the sheer scale of the lake and garden created by Hilary and Brian Barnes, who represented the UK and Ireland in six Ryder Cup Tournaments. ‘Nicola has taken the most marvellous photographs of our garden, and her writing is simply the best. The way she has portrayed our garden — both in words and pictures — has had all our friends going ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’!’

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