I am both photographer and writer, conveying the beauty of gardens and plants through words and pictures that appear in publications all over the world. For 20 years now, I have photographed widely throughout the British Isles, meeting the remarkable people behind lovely English gardens, specialist nurseries and plant collections.

My work is published worldwide, not only in books, quality magazines and newspapers, but also in greetings cards, calendars and advertising materials. However, it is the feature packages of text, high resolution images and captions that is at the heart of my work. I love the challenge of both photographing and writing about gardens and, over the years, have learned to identify countless plants — essential for accurate picture captions.

I photograph digitally, using the Hasselblad H3D11-39 and Nikon D800E, two superb cameras producing high resolution files of 39 and 36 megapixels respectively.

Gardens photography is incredibly absorbing, but I try to strike a work / life balance, and my other interests include playing flute, windsurfing, cooking, catamaran sailing, gardening and running, including the London Marathon. I live on the River Thames to the south-west of London, just 10 miles from London Heathrow Airport, and 25 minutes by train from London Waterloo railway station.