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Heritage Seed Library

The Heritage Seed Library at Ryton Organic Gardens saves rare or threatened heirloom vegetables from extinction

Thumbnail image for Great Pecks

Great Pecks

Contemporary country garden with prairie style, autumn beds of grasses and perennials, kitchen garden and terrace

Thumbnail image for High Summer Garden

High Summer Garden

Summer garden peaks in August with herbaceous perennials, roses and clematis in beds, borders and a parterre

Thumbnail image for Front Garden Design

Front Garden Design

First impressions count at a house entrance, so front garden design must balance paths, flowers, parking and bins

Thumbnail image for Exbury Garden in Autumn

Exbury Garden in Autumn

Autumn tree colour, woodland, exotic plants, late perennial borders and lakes make Exbury a must for October walks

Thumbnail image for Muswell Hill Garden

Muswell Hill Garden

Small town garden with early summer pots, terrace, lawn and herbaceous borders of cottage garden style planting

Thumbnail image for Dial Park in Winter

Dial Park in Winter

In a country garden, winter brings hellebores, crocus and snowdrops in light woodland filled with February flowers

Thumbnail image for Celebrity Gardeners’ Tips

Celebrity Gardeners’ Tips

Tips from top designers and celebrity gardeners Chris Beardshaw, Raymond Blanc, Rachel de Thame, Alys Fowler, Andy Sturgeon, Kim Wilde

Thumbnail image for Crecy Close Garden

Crecy Close Garden

Small town garden in June with summer flowers, lawn, pool, bridge, waterfall, courtyard, gravel, mirror and deck

Thumbnail image for Climbing Plants

Climbing Plants

An arch, arbour, pergola, obelisk or wigwam is enhanced by climbing plants such as roses, clematis, wisteria

Thumbnail image for Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths

In December the festive season starts as homemade Christmas wreaths and garlands of evergreens are hung on doors

Thumbnail image for Bulbs for every month of the year

Bulbs for every month of the year

There are different bulbs to flower in winter, spring, summer and autumn, naturalised or in borders, beds or pots

Thumbnail image for Boxwood in high summer

Boxwood in high summer

Summer town garden sees cottage style herbaceous borders perennials, a shady pool, hosta walk, lovely pots, greenhouse

Thumbnail image for Border Control

Border Control

Five different herbaceous borders, peaking between late spring and autumn, with portraits of the star plants

Thumbnail image for River Test Mill Garden

River Test Mill Garden

Autumn view of riverside country garden with streams, bog and gravel areas, herbaceous borders, lake, trees, seat

Thumbnail image for Ben’s Acre Garden

Ben’s Acre Garden

This small, steep and narrow town garden is packed with borders of summer flowers, arbours and a summerhouse

Thumbnail image for Autumn Colour

Autumn Colour

Autumn colour comes in the fall, not only in foliage tints or maple leaf colours, but also in late flowers, shrubs, berries and hips

Thumbnail image for Aster Plant Profile

Aster Plant Profile

New England asters and Michaelmas daisies add late colour and striking plant associations in autumn borders

Thumbnail image for John’s Garden

John’s Garden

Winter in John Massey’s canal side garden sees vibrant flowers such as hellebores, witch hazels and snowdrops

Thumbnail image for Living Willow Structures

Living Willow Structures

Living willow can be woven into a variety of leafy garden structures — arbours, arches and play dens for children

Thumbnail image for Allium Plant Profile

Allium Plant Profile

Allium, ornamental onions, flower from spring, through summer until autumn, varying from pink to purple, yellow or white

Thumbnail image for Barnwood in June

Barnwood in June

Small suburban garden with herbaceous beds, grass paths, thatched summer house and pond edged in marginals

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About Nicola

I am both photographer and writer, conveying the beauty of gardens and plants through words and pictures that appear in publications all over the world. For 20 years now, I have photographed widely throughout the British Isles, meeting the remarkable people behind lovely English gardens, specialist nurseries and plant collections. A love of nature and gardening runs in the family, and my own garden is a joy.

Thumbnail image for Nicola’s Garden

Nicola’s Garden

Contemporary garden in winter snow, designed by Andy Sturgeon with a framework of oak cubes leading through borders to a riverside deck