Pashley Manor Tulip Festival

From the wilds of the Himalayas to the highs and lows of Tulipmania, tulips have emerged from a long and tumultuous history to take centre stage in fabulous festivals the world over. Closer to home, it is Pashley Manor Gardens that hosts a dazzling display, reaching a peak from mid-April with stars such as ‘Mount Tacoma’ or ‘Ballerina’, dancing through the colour-themed garden rooms of this eleven-acre garden.

Amongst the cast are tulips in myriad hues, masterfully blended to line pathways, fill box-hedged beds or simply bloom for the sheer joy of it. It is a breathtaking sight, and one of which James and Angela Sellick, the garden’s owners, never tire. ‘Planning for next year’s display starts each September when we choose the tulips and colour schemes,’ they explain.

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