Thumbnail image for Autumn Bucket Step by Step

Autumn Bucket Step by Step

Step-by-step guide to planting an autumn bulb display in a recycled metal bucket

Thumbnail image for Ulting Wick in August

Ulting Wick in August

In late summer Ulting Wick brings a blend of vibrant flowers and exotic foliage with Dahlias featuring prominently

Thumbnail image for Acer Corner in September

Acer Corner in September

A lushly planted town-centre garden with acers and other Japanese influences

Thumbnail image for Hardy Chrysanthemums in Autumn

Hardy Chrysanthemums in Autumn

A profile of Hardy Chrysanthemums and Andrew Ward, joint holder of the National Collection

Thumbnail image for Hanging Basket in September

Hanging Basket in September

A step-by-step guide to planting up a hanging basket in September

Thumbnail image for Four Seasons in October

Four Seasons in October

Four Seasons lives up to its name as planted to be exciting whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Thumbnail image for Burrow Farm In Autumn

Burrow Farm In Autumn

Come September and October, prairie planting of grasses and perennials peaks as trees colour

Thumbnail image for Wood Barton Garden in November

Wood Barton Garden in November

As the year draws to a finale, this two-acre arboretum goes out in a blaze of autumn glory

Thumbnail image for St Mary’s Walk in Autumn

St Mary’s Walk in Autumn

A small town family garden, terraced on three different levels, with borrowed views of distant trees

Thumbnail image for Step-by-Step Planting an Autumn Pot

Step-by-Step Planting an Autumn Pot

A container of September flowers quickly gives a new lease of life to patios and terraces

Thumbnail image for Old Mill House in September

Old Mill House in September

In autumn, a riverside country garden which combines tradition with contemporary design

Thumbnail image for Woodpeckers in September

Woodpeckers in September

Come early autumn, and this 1.5 acre country garden sparkles with perennials, informally planted in garden rooms

Thumbnail image for Bretforton Manor in October

Bretforton Manor in October

A walled country garden with long herbaceous borders full of autumn flowers, lake, ancient follies, rose parterre and pool

Thumbnail image for Gosselin Road in September

Gosselin Road in September

Lawn-free suburban garden with autumn borders relaxing onto winding gravel path punctuated by topiary and pots

Thumbnail image for Springhead in Autumn

Springhead in Autumn

Springhead is magical as autumn colour tints trees, and reflections play on the ancient lake by a gazebo and mill

Thumbnail image for Maryfield in September

Maryfield in September

Pool reflections of autumn dahlia and canna, a kitchen garden brims with vegetables and prairie style borders peak

Thumbnail image for Great Pecks

Great Pecks

Contemporary country garden with prairie style, autumn beds of grasses and perennials, kitchen garden and terrace

Thumbnail image for Exbury Garden in Autumn

Exbury Garden in Autumn

Autumn tree colour, woodland, exotic plants, late perennial borders and lakes make Exbury a must for October walks

Thumbnail image for Bulbs for every month of the year

Bulbs for every month of the year

There are different bulbs to flower in winter, spring, summer and autumn, naturalised or in borders, beds or pots

Thumbnail image for River Test Mill Garden

River Test Mill Garden

Autumn view of riverside country garden with streams, bog and gravel areas, herbaceous borders, lake, trees, seat

Thumbnail image for Autumn Colour

Autumn Colour

Autumn colour comes in the fall, not only in foliage tints or maple leaf colours, but also in late flowers, shrubs, berries and hips

Thumbnail image for Aster Plant Profile

Aster Plant Profile

New England asters and Michaelmas daisies add late colour and striking plant associations in autumn borders