Thumbnail image for Sandhill Farmhouse in April

Sandhill Farmhouse in April

A formal country garden designed by Rosemary Alexander, founder of the English Gardening School

Thumbnail image for Gardeners Cottage in June

Gardeners Cottage in June

The garden of Jim Buckland and Sarah Wain, the head-gardeners at West Dean, around their eighteenth-century cottage

Thumbnail image for South Shoebury Hall in April

South Shoebury Hall in April

A one-acre garden that shimmers with colour from blossoming trees and countless tulips around the listed house

Thumbnail image for Highfields in March

Highfields in March

A small but charming spring garden filled with colourful bulbs

Thumbnail image for Four Seasons in October

Four Seasons in October

Four Seasons lives up to its name as planted to be exciting whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Thumbnail image for Hinton Road in July

Hinton Road in July

A long, narrow, naturalistically designed city garden in London, overflowing with plants

Thumbnail image for The Coach House in July

The Coach House in July

A contemporary town walled garden insummer that maximises limited space with a sunken terrace and raised beds

Thumbnail image for Waterhouse Lane in August

Waterhouse Lane in August

Summer flowers and tropical plants fill a small town garden, amongst salvage finds and recycled junk

Thumbnail image for An Apple A Day

An Apple A Day

Apples are flavour of the month, not only as a superfood, but also as a fresh fruit of great variety

Thumbnail image for Seedheads for Winter Interest

Seedheads for Winter Interest

As autumn deepens, ornamental seedheads emerge, as food for birds and structures for frost to dust

Thumbnail image for Children’s Gardens

Children’s Gardens

A thoughtfully designed garden enriches a child’s early years with excitement, stimulation, mystery and discovery

Thumbnail image for Summer at Coton Manor

Summer at Coton Manor

An old family country garden that blends borders with meadows, rills, herbs and June’s roses galore

Thumbnail image for Wood Barton Garden in November

Wood Barton Garden in November

As the year draws to a finale, this two-acre arboretum goes out in a blaze of autumn glory

Thumbnail image for April Flowers & Showers at Thornhill

April Flowers & Showers at Thornhill

With hidden spaces to chance upon, this long town garden cannot fail to surprise and delight in spring

Thumbnail image for Romancing The Rose

Romancing The Rose

Few plants have such a long flowering season as roses, stretching from May until first frosts

Thumbnail image for Photographing Gardens

Photographing Gardens

Garden photographs provide a lasting record of a fleeting moment, capturing its beauty for all time

Thumbnail image for Designing an Intimate Retreat

Designing an Intimate Retreat

Design an outdoor space as a sanctuary for escaping life’s pressures, somewhere special to unwind in the natural world

Thumbnail image for Dial Park in June

Dial Park in June

A small country garden where summer roses and perennials spill over in a parterre and a potager peaks

Thumbnail image for A Family Town Garden in May

A Family Town Garden in May

A clever garden layout makes the most of an unusual fan-shaped plot and is enjoyed all year round

Thumbnail image for St Mary’s Walk in Autumn

St Mary’s Walk in Autumn

A small town family garden, terraced on three different levels, with borrowed views of distant trees

Thumbnail image for Step-by-Step Planting an Autumn Pot

Step-by-Step Planting an Autumn Pot

A container of September flowers quickly gives a new lease of life to patios and terraces

Thumbnail image for A Town Garden in June

A Town Garden in June

A clever design with pergola, sunken potager and summer flowers creates a space for entertaining

Thumbnail image for St Regis Close in April

St Regis Close in April

An imaginative city garden filled with spring tulips, humour, mirrors, follies and unique garden structures

Thumbnail image for Flower Pressing

Flower Pressing

Flower pressing is making a comeback, not only as a children’s hobby, but also as a craft

Thumbnail image for Cut Summer Flowers

Cut Summer Flowers

Easily grown annuals and perennials provide fresh cut flowers for posies and bouquets well into autumn

Thumbnail image for Quarry Cottage in May

Quarry Cottage in May

An informal, quarter-acre hillside plot that, come spring, abounds with spring bulbs and frothy perennials

Thumbnail image for Perfect Lawns

Perfect Lawns

A beautiful lawn is a joy, not only to walk on barefoot, but also as a tranquil space or foil to plants

Thumbnail image for Brooke Cottage in August

Brooke Cottage in August

A late summer garden that envelops a cottage in herbaceous, shady and container planting areas

Thumbnail image for Adding Drama

Adding Drama

Well designed gardens include focal points created from foliage, flowers, furnishings and features

Thumbnail image for Alexandra Drive in June

Alexandra Drive in June

In summer this small town garden is alive with roses and perennials amongst salvage finds

Thumbnail image for Abbeywood Gardens in August

Abbeywood Gardens in August

Late summer colour and exotic planting add a special charm to this beautiful rural family garden

Thumbnail image for Belle Vue in May

Belle Vue in May

A winding, decked path between packed borders makes a long narrow summer plot appear wider

Thumbnail image for Clematis All Year Round

Clematis All Year Round

Small, dainty, big or blowsy, clematis come in such a range as to suit any garden, flowering in every month

Thumbnail image for Topiary For All Seasons

Topiary For All Seasons

Amidst an unpredictable climate and fleeting flowers, topiary is a constant presence in the garden

Thumbnail image for Moleshill in February

Moleshill in February

This walled garden is magical in snow, its structure highlighted as individual plants cast their spell

Thumbnail image for Winter Structure

Winter Structure

By new year, gardens are mostly stripped of flowers, relying on permanent features and evergreens for interest

Thumbnail image for Down House in February

Down House in February

Come midwinter, and carpets of winter bulbs add drama beside newer contemporary areas

Thumbnail image for Spring Tulip Spectacular

Spring Tulip Spectacular

Come April, and a small but brilliant splash of colour on a bare hillside reveals a garden of massed tulips