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Thumbnail image for Epimedium National Collection

Epimedium National Collection

The charm of epimediums lies in the way their dainty flowers are suspended from long stems that quiver at the slightest movement

Thumbnail image for Sweet Peas at Easton Walled Garden

Sweet Peas at Easton Walled Garden

Come midsummer, Easton Walled Gardens is filled with sweet peas, buzzing bees and a sweet fragrance

Thumbnail image for Cournus Kousa in May

Cournus Kousa in May

Flowering spectacularly for weeks, kousa dogwoods are also prized for winter structure, fruits and handsome foliage

Thumbnail image for Hardy Chrysanthemums in Autumn

Hardy Chrysanthemums in Autumn

A profile of Hardy Chrysanthemums and Andrew Ward, joint holder of the National Collection

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Peony Plant Profile

Flowering from spring into summer, peonies and the Itoh varieties, have many admirers

Thumbnail image for Snowdrop Plant Profile

Snowdrop Plant Profile

As one of winter’s most enduring flowers, snowdrops unfurl as early as January, with later cultivars in February and March

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Hellebore Plant Profile

Hellebores, with their exquisite winter flowers and long flowering season, have enchanted generations of gardeners