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Thumbnail image for Epimedium National Collection

Epimedium National Collection

The charm of epimediums lies in the way their dainty flowers are suspended from long stems that quiver at the slightest movement

Thumbnail image for Sweet Peas at Easton Walled Garden

Sweet Peas at Easton Walled Garden

Come midsummer, Easton Walled Gardens is filled with sweet peas, buzzing bees and a sweet fragrance

Thumbnail image for Wisteria Plant Profile

Wisteria Plant Profile

One of spring’s most beautiful sights, a profusion of fragrant, pea-like flowers

Thumbnail image for Peony Plant Profile

Peony Plant Profile

Flowering from spring into summer, peonies and the Itoh varieties, have many admirers

Thumbnail image for Combining Roses with June Perennials

Combining Roses with June Perennials

Roses flower from spring, through summer, into autumn, with a wide range of planting companions

Thumbnail image for Romancing The Rose

Romancing The Rose

Few plants have such a long flowering season as roses, stretching from May until first frosts

Thumbnail image for Daylily Plant Profile in July

Daylily Plant Profile in July

Daylilies are a mainstay of summer herbaceous planting and, despite their name, their charms endure

Thumbnail image for Plant Profile – Perennial Violas

Plant Profile – Perennial Violas

With their smiling faces, violas are a sweet-natured perennial that no garden should be without

Thumbnail image for Snowdrop Plant Profile

Snowdrop Plant Profile

As one of winter’s most enduring flowers, snowdrops unfurl as early as January, with later cultivars in February and March

Thumbnail image for Scent From Heaven

Scent From Heaven

The scents in a garden can have as profound an effect as the beauty of the flowers

Thumbnail image for Clematis All Year Round

Clematis All Year Round

Small, dainty, big or blowsy, clematis come in such a range as to suit any garden, flowering in every month

Thumbnail image for Hellebore Plant Profile

Hellebore Plant Profile

Hellebores, with their exquisite winter flowers and long flowering season, have enchanted generations of gardeners

Thumbnail image for Snowdrops – What’s in a Name?

Snowdrops – What’s in a Name?

As intriguing as these enchanting flowers, many a snowdrop’s name has much more to it than first appears

Thumbnail image for Bewitching Witch Hazels

Bewitching Witch Hazels

A hard January frost is sure to awaken the fragrant, spidery flowers on witch hazels to glow in the brittle winter sunshine

Thumbnail image for Daffodil Plant Profile

Daffodil Plant Profile

There’s a wide range of daffodils, with different varieties flowering from January until April, in pots, drifts, borders or beds

Thumbnail image for Lily Plant Portrait

Lily Plant Portrait

Lilies are spring and summer bulbs with stunning lily flowers in white, pink, orange, cream, deep red or yellow