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Photographing Gardens

Garden photographs provide a lasting record of a fleeting moment, capturing its beauty for all time

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Hellebore Plant Profile

Hellebores, with their exquisite winter flowers and long flowering season, have enchanted generations of gardeners

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Daffodil Plant Profile

There’s a wide range of daffodils, with different varieties flowering from January until April, in pots, drifts, borders or beds

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July Posie

A step-by-step flower arrangement using dahlias, verbena, nicotiana and pimpinella

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Hitchin Lavender

Fragrant and purple in the summer sun, Hitchin Lavender fields peak in August with long rows of flowers to pick

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Bulbs for every month of the year

There are different bulbs to flower in winter, spring, summer and autumn, naturalised or in borders, beds or pots

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John’s Garden

Winter in John Massey’s canal side garden sees vibrant flowers such as hellebores, witch hazels and snowdrops

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Allium Plant Profile

Allium, ornamental onions, flower from spring, through summer until autumn, varying from pink to purple, yellow or white