cottage garden

Thumbnail image for Fiddlers Green in June

Fiddlers Green in June

A coastal cottage garden with spectacular sea views overlooking a bay in the Orkney Isles

Thumbnail image for Gardeners Cottage in June

Gardeners Cottage in June

The garden of Jim Buckland and Sarah Wain, the head-gardeners at West Dean, around their eighteenth-century cottage

Thumbnail image for Brickwall Cottage in April

Brickwall Cottage in April

A cottage Garden in Spring with rustic pergola, pond and National Geum Collection

Thumbnail image for Stuart Cottage in August

Stuart Cottage in August

A half-acre village garden that peaks in late summer with colour
themed borders of choice plants

Thumbnail image for Quarry Cottage in May

Quarry Cottage in May

An informal, quarter-acre hillside plot that, come spring, abounds with spring bulbs and frothy perennials

Thumbnail image for Brooke Cottage in August

Brooke Cottage in August

A late summer garden that envelops a cottage in herbaceous, shady and container planting areas

Thumbnail image for Cottage Garden Style

Cottage Garden Style

This decorative style inspires gardeners willing to experiment with a broad palette of plants and give nature a free rein

Thumbnail image for Vine Road in June

Vine Road in June

Charming 15m x 29m town garden with summer roses and cottage garden planting embracing a Victorian house