Sheepdrove Organic Farm in August

A dilapidated, exposed farmhouse perched atop the windswept Berkshire Downs was not the unpromising prospect it first appeared. 'A tree was growing out of the porch and the house was full of old fertiliser drums, but we bought it not so much for the building as for the land, where we could realise our dream of becoming self-sufficient,' explain Peter and Juliet Kindersley. That was 30 years ago and, in the intervening years, they have become well-known environmentalists, embracing the principles of organic methods and sustainability, whilst Sheepdrove Farm has increased to 2,250 acres, and is one of Britain's most influential organic farms. Freed from agrochemicals, Sheepdrove has a wealth of wildlife habitats such as hedges and spinneys, and the garden sits amidst chalk grassland.

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