Thumbnail image for James Wong Profile

James Wong Profile

Gardener, TV presenter & author, James Wong’s fascination with plants is contagious

Thumbnail image for A Family Town Garden in May

A Family Town Garden in May

A clever garden layout makes the most of an unusual fan-shaped plot and is enjoyed all year round

Thumbnail image for Plant A Herb Container for Summer

Plant A Herb Container for Summer

Novice gardeners’ step by step guide to planting a pot in May, that by June supplies herbs

Thumbnail image for Water Features for Gardens

Water Features for Gardens

Water adds a touch of magic to gardens, a presence and sound that has the power to calm and soothe

Thumbnail image for Salvage Treasures

Salvage Treasures

Recycled junk, objets trouves and architectural artefacts create ornaments that give a garden character

Thumbnail image for Town Place in July

Town Place in July

A traditional country garden celebrated for magnificent herbaceous borders and rose gardens in summer

Thumbnail image for St Mary’s Walk in Autumn

St Mary’s Walk in Autumn

A small town family garden, terraced on three different levels, with borrowed views of distant trees

Thumbnail image for Posies & Decorative Jars Step-by-Step

Posies & Decorative Jars Step-by-Step

Flowers can be cut all year round for fresh posies, and teamed with recycled glass jars made pretty

Thumbnail image for Sibella Road in April

Sibella Road in April

An inspirational tiny town garden laced with spring bulbs planted in containers, beds and borders

Thumbnail image for Stuart Cottage in August

Stuart Cottage in August

A half-acre village garden that peaks in late summer with colour
themed borders of choice plants

Thumbnail image for Daylily Plant Profile in July

Daylily Plant Profile in July

Daylilies are a mainstay of summer herbaceous planting and, despite their name, their charms endure

Thumbnail image for Picking a Garden Posie in January

Picking a Garden Posie in January

It may be deepest winter, but there are a number of fragrant flowers to pick for indoors

Thumbnail image for Plant Profile – Perennial Violas

Plant Profile – Perennial Violas

With their smiling faces, violas are a sweet-natured perennial that no garden should be without

Thumbnail image for Step-by-Step Planting an Autumn Pot

Step-by-Step Planting an Autumn Pot

A container of September flowers quickly gives a new lease of life to patios and terraces

Thumbnail image for Mother’s Day Posie Step-by-Step

Mother’s Day Posie Step-by-Step

With spring bulbs in flower, it’s an ideal time for the kids to pick a fresh garden posie for their Mum

Thumbnail image for Linden Barn in July

Linden Barn in July

A small village garden planted to peak in late summer with herbaceous perennials and roses

Thumbnail image for A Town Garden in June

A Town Garden in June

A clever design with pergola, sunken potager and summer flowers creates a space for entertaining

Thumbnail image for Trough Step-by-Step Planting Alpines

Trough Step-by-Step Planting Alpines

Alpine troughs, with their tiny flowering plants in spring and summer, are ideal for small gardens

Thumbnail image for Woodmansterne in July

Woodmansterne in July

Resting between town and countryside, this family garden integrates play areas and summer flower borders

Thumbnail image for Woodbines Avenue Garden in August

Woodbines Avenue Garden in August

A long, thin town garden planted for year round interest, with abundant flowering in late summer

Thumbnail image for The Crest Garden in June

The Crest Garden in June

A suburban garden where a collection of salvage finds is transformed into unusual plant containers

Thumbnail image for St Regis Close in April

St Regis Close in April

An imaginative city garden filled with spring tulips, humour, mirrors, follies and unique garden structures

Thumbnail image for Flower Pressing

Flower Pressing

Flower pressing is making a comeback, not only as a children’s hobby, but also as a craft

Thumbnail image for Cut Summer Flowers

Cut Summer Flowers

Easily grown annuals and perennials provide fresh cut flowers for posies and bouquets well into autumn

Thumbnail image for Rosebery Road in May

Rosebery Road in May

This is a true family town garden, but behind the thoughtful layout and plants lies a strong design

Thumbnail image for Quarry Cottage in May

Quarry Cottage in May

An informal, quarter-acre hillside plot that, come spring, abounds with spring bulbs and frothy perennials

Thumbnail image for Perfect Lawns

Perfect Lawns

A beautiful lawn is a joy, not only to walk on barefoot, but also as a tranquil space or foil to plants

Thumbnail image for Old Mill House in September

Old Mill House in September

In autumn, a riverside country garden which combines tradition with contemporary design

Thumbnail image for Late Summer Family Garden

Late Summer Family Garden

A town garden planted for late summer herbaceous planting around lawns where children play

Thumbnail image for Garden Lodge in Spring

Garden Lodge in Spring

On a crisp April morning, this garden shines with the beauty of tulips, daffodils and new leaves

Thumbnail image for Field House Garden in May

Field House Garden in May

A walled town garden where a long rectangular pool reflects flowers from late spring into summer

Thumbnail image for Brooke Cottage in August

Brooke Cottage in August

A late summer garden that envelops a cottage in herbaceous, shady and container planting areas

Thumbnail image for Snowdrop Plant Profile

Snowdrop Plant Profile

As one of winter’s most enduring flowers, snowdrops unfurl as early as January, with later cultivars in February and March

Thumbnail image for Mark Lloyd Chef and Forager

Mark Lloyd Chef and Forager

Mark Lloyd loves to forage for the wild berries, hips, fungi and nuts growing free in hedgerows

Thumbnail image for Flowering Trees in April and May

Flowering Trees in April and May

There’s no surer sign that spring is in the air than blossom and blooms on boughs and branches

Thumbnail image for Garden Rooms with a View

Garden Rooms with a View

Every garden, urban or rural, large or small, has potential for an eye-catching view: it just requires imagination

Thumbnail image for Adding Drama

Adding Drama

Well designed gardens include focal points created from foliage, flowers, furnishings and features

Thumbnail image for Up The Garden Path

Up The Garden Path

A path links, leads and lures, not only serving a practical purpose, but offering scope for imaginative designs & planting

Thumbnail image for Wilkins Pleck in February

Wilkins Pleck in February

A stunning country garden with a strong framework of hedges and topiary that is brought alive by winter’s frost

Thumbnail image for Manor House in July

Manor House in July

A riverside garden with prairie style borders of grasses and perennials that peak in summer

Thumbnail image for Planting an Alpine Trough in May

Planting an Alpine Trough in May

Alpines are a charming miniature plants, flowering in troughs and rock gardens in spring and summer

Thumbnail image for Alexandra Drive in June

Alexandra Drive in June

In summer this small town garden is alive with roses and perennials amongst salvage finds

Thumbnail image for Scent From Heaven

Scent From Heaven

The scents in a garden can have as profound an effect as the beauty of the flowers

Thumbnail image for Abbeywood Gardens in August

Abbeywood Gardens in August

Late summer colour and exotic planting add a special charm to this beautiful rural family garden

Thumbnail image for Belle Vue in May

Belle Vue in May

A winding, decked path between packed borders makes a long narrow summer plot appear wider

Thumbnail image for Clematis All Year Round

Clematis All Year Round

Small, dainty, big or blowsy, clematis come in such a range as to suit any garden, flowering in every month

Thumbnail image for Garden Buildings

Garden Buildings

Practical, ornamental or whimsical, a garden building is one of the largest, most dominant features in a garden

Thumbnail image for Cottage Garden Style

Cottage Garden Style

This decorative style inspires gardeners willing to experiment with a broad palette of plants and give nature a free rein

Thumbnail image for Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

Outdoor lighting adds a touch of magic to the simplest of gardens, infusing the space with depth and style, adding drama

Thumbnail image for Colour in the Garden

Colour in the Garden

Colour is an exciting and inspirational element of a garden, a powerful tool for creating different effects and moods

Thumbnail image for Topiary For All Seasons

Topiary For All Seasons

Amidst an unpredictable climate and fleeting flowers, topiary is a constant presence in the garden

Thumbnail image for Perfect Parterres

Perfect Parterres

Infinitely adaptable, parterres are equally at home in tiny courtyards as in large spaces, ancient or modern

Thumbnail image for Moleshill in February

Moleshill in February

This walled garden is magical in snow, its structure highlighted as individual plants cast their spell

Thumbnail image for Winter Structure

Winter Structure

By new year, gardens are mostly stripped of flowers, relying on permanent features and evergreens for interest

Thumbnail image for Hellebore Plant Profile

Hellebore Plant Profile

Hellebores, with their exquisite winter flowers and long flowering season, have enchanted generations of gardeners

Thumbnail image for Down House in February

Down House in February

Come midwinter, and carpets of winter bulbs add drama beside newer contemporary areas

Thumbnail image for Spring Containers

Spring Containers

Nothing heralds spring better than flowers, with many of the brightest thriving in pots for weeks on end

Thumbnail image for Snowdrops – What’s in a Name?

Snowdrops – What’s in a Name?

As intriguing as these enchanting flowers, many a snowdrop’s name has much more to it than first appears

Thumbnail image for Mill House in May

Mill House in May

Spring in this traditional garden brings fresh foliage, blossom and the flowering of 2000 tulips

Thumbnail image for Child Planting Herb Bowl

Child Planting Herb Bowl

A step-by-step of a child planting a miniature herb garden in a wooden bowl.

Thumbnail image for Woodpeckers in September

Woodpeckers in September

Come early autumn, and this 1.5 acre country garden sparkles with perennials, informally planted in garden rooms

Thumbnail image for Bretforton Manor in October

Bretforton Manor in October

A walled country garden with long herbaceous borders full of autumn flowers, lake, ancient follies, rose parterre and pool

Thumbnail image for Vine Road in June

Vine Road in June

Charming 15m x 29m town garden with summer roses and cottage garden planting embracing a Victorian house

Thumbnail image for The Winter Blues

The Winter Blues

During January, February and March, celebrate nature’s blues with baby bulbs, plucky perennials and showy shrubs

Thumbnail image for Gosselin Road in September

Gosselin Road in September

Lawn-free suburban garden with autumn borders relaxing onto winding gravel path punctuated by topiary and pots

Thumbnail image for Midwinter Colour and Fragrance

Midwinter Colour and Fragrance

Pared down, a winter garden’s interest lies in texture, shape, perfume, structure and flowers of a rare delicacy

Thumbnail image for Bewitching Witch Hazels

Bewitching Witch Hazels

A hard January frost is sure to awaken the fragrant, spidery flowers on witch hazels to glow in the brittle winter sunshine

Thumbnail image for Going for Winter Gold

Going for Winter Gold

Even the darkest winter day cannot fail to be lightened by the sight of golden flowers on trees or fences, in pots and beds

Thumbnail image for Big Ideas Tiny Spaces

Big Ideas Tiny Spaces

A pint-sized outdoor space needs gallons of imagination if it is to avoid feeling cramped and claustrophobic

Thumbnail image for Daffodil Plant Profile

Daffodil Plant Profile

There’s a wide range of daffodils, with different varieties flowering from January until April, in pots, drifts, borders or beds

Thumbnail image for Winter Pots

Winter Pots

Bringing welcome colour from winter into early spring, many flowering plants are easy and rewarding to grow in pots

Thumbnail image for Tough Winter Flowers

Tough Winter Flowers

Come winter, and look out for a select group of doughty flowers that, surviving snow and frost, lift the spirits

Thumbnail image for Redston Road in August

Redston Road in August

Modern town garden, designed on the diagonal, with raised deck over water, lawn, pots, pergola and seating

Thumbnail image for July Posie

July Posie

A step-by-step flower arrangement using dahlias, verbena, nicotiana and pimpinella

Thumbnail image for Spring Tulip Spectacular

Spring Tulip Spectacular

Come April, and a small but brilliant splash of colour on a bare hillside reveals a garden of massed tulips

Thumbnail image for Rollscourt in May

Rollscourt in May

Summer contemporary town garden of terrace, lawn, mini woodlandand kitchen plot, linked by a curving path

Thumbnail image for Pitt Crescent in May

Pitt Crescent in May

Long, narrow town garden in early summer, a shady, private, secret space with terraces, borders and mystery door

Thumbnail image for One Brook Cottages in April

One Brook Cottages in April

A terraced cottage garden full of spring bulbs, narcissus and tulips, with auricula theatre, deck, summerhouse

Thumbnail image for Stoke Albany in June

Stoke Albany in June

English country garden with herbaceous borders, walled garden, roses, potager, summer flowers and gravel area

Thumbnail image for Springhead in Autumn

Springhead in Autumn

Springhead is magical as autumn colour tints trees, and reflections play on the ancient lake by a gazebo and mill

Thumbnail image for Sheepdrove Organic Farm in August

Sheepdrove Organic Farm in August

Summer country garden, with potager, herbs, hens and reedbed system, is at the heart of Sheepdrove Organic Farm

Thumbnail image for Chiswick Garden in May

Chiswick Garden in May

Small, informal town garden with gazebo of spring wisteria, summer flower beds, pool, bridge, lawns and terrace

Thumbnail image for Topiary Garden in August

Topiary Garden in August

Modern topiary garden of giant yew and box shapes, a parterre with standard holly and gravel, and pool in summer

Thumbnail image for Maryfield in September

Maryfield in September

Pool reflections of autumn dahlia and canna, a kitchen garden brims with vegetables and prairie style borders peak

Thumbnail image for Lincoln Road Garden in May

Lincoln Road Garden in May

Town garden in May when collections of hostas and maples fill pots or salvage containers on a patio, pergola, deck

Thumbnail image for Lily Plant Portrait

Lily Plant Portrait

Lilies are spring and summer bulbs with stunning lily flowers in white, pink, orange, cream, deep red or yellow

Thumbnail image for Kitchen Garden Styles

Kitchen Garden Styles

Kitchen garden styles vary from potagers or parterres to traditional rows of vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers

Thumbnail image for Holt Organic Farm in summer

Holt Organic Farm in summer

In August at Holt Organic, the gravel garden of herbaceous perennials, kitchen garden and wildflower meadow peak

Thumbnail image for Killieser in Spring

Killieser in Spring

By April, this small London garden of borders, pots, woodland and parterre is full of tulips and spring flowers

Thumbnail image for Holt Organic Farm in Spring

Holt Organic Farm in Spring

By April, the gravel garden at Holt Organic Farm has blossom and spring bulbs — tulips, allium and meadow camassias