Late Summer Family Garden

A mature, long established garden has been redesigned to give a contemporary twist. Where once curved edges ran along the borders there are now straight lines, echoing a long pergola installed to mark the millennium. It supports many climbing plants, with ivy and potato vines adding an evergreen backdrop to a succession of roses, clematis, golden hop and vines. The pergola provides a backdrop to an enlarged border planted with tall clumps of feather reed grass and swathes of hot-coloured perennials — brilliant red Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ and daisy-like heleniums, the blue spires of Russian sage, prickly echinops globes, pink coneflowers and, towering above everything else, purple-flowered Joe pye weed. The planting is mirrored on the other side of the garden, separated by a small weeping birch.

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