Child Planting Herb Bowl

A garden enriches a child's formative years as a source of excitement, stimulation, mystery and discovery. It is here that many children not only observe nature, experiencing the wonder of seeing seeds sprout, bees gathering pollen or butterflies courting, but also learn where fresh food comes from. Planting a herb bowl is a fun and fulfilling project, introducing children to a whole new world or aromatic and edible plants, as well as thrify shopping. Costing just fifty pence from a charity shop, this wooden salad bowl makes a handsome container for growing silver, variegated and golden thyme. Thymus 'Lemon Variegated' has a strong citrus tang; Thymus 'Silver Queen' bears dark leaves edge in creamy-white; and Thymus x citriodorus 'Aurea' has masses of aromatic, golden leaves.

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