Thumbnail image for Christmas Wreath Step by Step

Christmas Wreath Step by Step

Making a decorative door wreath is a sure sign that Christmas is approaching, a fun family activity that fosters a festive spirit.

Thumbnail image for A Cottage Garden in Pots

A Cottage Garden in Pots

Creating a cottage garden with fruit, flowers and vegetables in containers

Thumbnail image for Little Orchard in July

Little Orchard in July

A stylish country courtyard garden with beautiful planting around salvaged furniture and antique decorations

Thumbnail image for Childs Seaside Themed Pots

Childs Seaside Themed Pots

A step-by-step creating seaside themed pots and display for children

Thumbnail image for Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Maintaining a lawn in top condition requires mowing, feeding, weed-killing, watering, aerating, scarifying & repairing

Thumbnail image for Garden Designer Katie Rushworth

Garden Designer Katie Rushworth

For green-fingered Yorkshire designer Katie, gardening comes as naturally as breathing

Thumbnail image for Butterfly Plants

Butterfly Plants

Plant nectar rich flowers to encourage butterflies, and help halt the decline of these lovely insects

Thumbnail image for Planting a Spring Pot Step-by-Step

Planting a Spring Pot Step-by-Step

As March turns into April, plant up a pretty container with tulips, muscari and violas

Thumbnail image for Waterhouse Lane in August

Waterhouse Lane in August

Summer flowers and tropical plants fill a small town garden, amongst salvage finds and recycled junk

Thumbnail image for Children’s Gardens

Children’s Gardens

A thoughtfully designed garden enriches a child’s early years with excitement, stimulation, mystery and discovery

Thumbnail image for Designing an Intimate Retreat

Designing an Intimate Retreat

Design an outdoor space as a sanctuary for escaping life’s pressures, somewhere special to unwind in the natural world

Thumbnail image for Top Ten Summer Container Ideas

Top Ten Summer Container Ideas

There’s no quicker way to brighten up patios, decks and terraces than with container planting

Thumbnail image for St Ronans Road in August

St Ronans Road in August

Two tiny neighbouring town gardens are designed as outdoor living spaces to be enjoyed all summer long

Thumbnail image for Water Features for Gardens

Water Features for Gardens

Water adds a touch of magic to gardens, a presence and sound that has the power to calm and soothe

Thumbnail image for Salvage Treasures

Salvage Treasures

Recycled junk, objets trouves and architectural artefacts create ornaments that give a garden character

Thumbnail image for Picking a Garden Posie in January

Picking a Garden Posie in January

It may be deepest winter, but there are a number of fragrant flowers to pick for indoors

Thumbnail image for Step-by-Step Planting an Autumn Pot

Step-by-Step Planting an Autumn Pot

A container of September flowers quickly gives a new lease of life to patios and terraces

Thumbnail image for Perfect Lawns

Perfect Lawns

A beautiful lawn is a joy, not only to walk on barefoot, but also as a tranquil space or foil to plants

Thumbnail image for Garden Rooms with a View

Garden Rooms with a View

Every garden, urban or rural, large or small, has potential for an eye-catching view: it just requires imagination

Thumbnail image for Adding Drama

Adding Drama

Well designed gardens include focal points created from foliage, flowers, furnishings and features

Thumbnail image for Up The Garden Path

Up The Garden Path

A path links, leads and lures, not only serving a practical purpose, but offering scope for imaginative designs & planting

Thumbnail image for Garden Buildings

Garden Buildings

Practical, ornamental or whimsical, a garden building is one of the largest, most dominant features in a garden

Thumbnail image for Cottage Garden Style

Cottage Garden Style

This decorative style inspires gardeners willing to experiment with a broad palette of plants and give nature a free rein

Thumbnail image for Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

Outdoor lighting adds a touch of magic to the simplest of gardens, infusing the space with depth and style, adding drama

Thumbnail image for Colour in the Garden

Colour in the Garden

Colour is an exciting and inspirational element of a garden, a powerful tool for creating different effects and moods

Thumbnail image for Topiary For All Seasons

Topiary For All Seasons

Amidst an unpredictable climate and fleeting flowers, topiary is a constant presence in the garden

Thumbnail image for Perfect Parterres

Perfect Parterres

Infinitely adaptable, parterres are equally at home in tiny courtyards as in large spaces, ancient or modern

Thumbnail image for Winter Structure

Winter Structure

By new year, gardens are mostly stripped of flowers, relying on permanent features and evergreens for interest

Thumbnail image for Spring Containers

Spring Containers

Nothing heralds spring better than flowers, with many of the brightest thriving in pots for weeks on end

Thumbnail image for Big Ideas Tiny Spaces

Big Ideas Tiny Spaces

A pint-sized outdoor space needs gallons of imagination if it is to avoid feeling cramped and claustrophobic

Thumbnail image for Kitchen Garden Styles

Kitchen Garden Styles

Kitchen garden styles vary from potagers or parterres to traditional rows of vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers

Thumbnail image for Front Garden Design

Front Garden Design

First impressions count at a house entrance, so front garden design must balance paths, flowers, parking and bins

Thumbnail image for Celebrity Gardeners’ Tips

Celebrity Gardeners’ Tips

Tips from top designers and celebrity gardeners Chris Beardshaw, Raymond Blanc, Rachel de Thame, Alys Fowler, Andy Sturgeon, Kim Wilde

Thumbnail image for Border Control

Border Control

Five different herbaceous borders, peaking between late spring and autumn, with portraits of the star plants