Barnwood in June

Michael and Jill Hill bought their run-down 1950s bungalow solely for its garden. ‘We wanted as big a garden as possible, so the bungalow was secondary, but the garden was so overgrown that it wasn't clear where the boundaries were.’ explains Jill. Fortunately, they did not expect an overnight transformation of its irregularly triangular, sixth-of-an-acre plot. 'It was a shambles and, as we were both working full-time,  it evolved in fits and starts,’ explains Jill. Today, it is unrecognisable, with features such as the thatched summerhouse, arch and wooden bridge built by Michael, complementing Jill's ever-growing collection of  immaculate plants which are arranged in beds separated by winding grass paths. The main draw, though, is the pond with its frogs, fish and visiting birds.

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