Allium Plant Profile

Alliums, members of the ornamental onion family, are loved for their showy flower heads that come in a variety of sizes (20cm - 120cm high) and in shades of purple, pink, blue, white and yellow. The forms vary too, from great globes of densely packed flowerlets to clusters of tiny pendant flowers. Amongst the most dramatic are 'Globemaster' and 'Purple Sensation', spring flowers that rise above a froth of youthful herbaceous planting hiding the unsightly, strap-like leaves, or the low-growing Allium karataviense for the front of a border.  Then, in total contrast for late in summer, there are the white Allium neapolitanum. After the colour fades, dried allium heads add architectural beauty long into winter. Whether in beds or border, rockeries or pots, no garden should be without these bulbs.

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