Thumbnail image for Wisteria Plant Profile

Wisteria Plant Profile

One of spring’s most beautiful sights, a profusion of fragrant, pea-like flowers

Thumbnail image for Furzelea in April

Furzelea in April

A garden based on circles and curves featuring large colourful beds of bulbs and grasses

Thumbnail image for Highfields in March

Highfields in March

A small but charming spring garden filled with colourful bulbs

Thumbnail image for Family Garden in May

Family Garden in May

A well designed child friendly garden for all the family, with trampoline and sandpit amongst colourful planting

Thumbnail image for Brickwall Cottage in April

Brickwall Cottage in April

A cottage Garden in Spring with rustic pergola, pond and National Geum Collection

Thumbnail image for Alpine Hanging Basket in May

Alpine Hanging Basket in May

A step-by-step guide to planting an Alpine hanging basket

Thumbnail image for Planting an April Pot

Planting an April Pot

A step-by-step guide to planting a pot for an April display

Thumbnail image for Hanging Basket in April

Hanging Basket in April

A step-by-step guide to planting a hanging basket for an April display

Thumbnail image for Planting a Spring Pot Step-by-Step

Planting a Spring Pot Step-by-Step

As March turns into April, plant up a pretty container with tulips, muscari and violas

Thumbnail image for April Flowers & Showers at Thornhill

April Flowers & Showers at Thornhill

With hidden spaces to chance upon, this long town garden cannot fail to surprise and delight in spring

Thumbnail image for Sandhill Farmhouse in Spring

Sandhill Farmhouse in Spring

Come April, and both front and back gardens fill with bulbs and blossom, box and buckthorn topiary

Thumbnail image for Sibella Road in April

Sibella Road in April

An inspirational tiny town garden laced with spring bulbs planted in containers, beds and borders

Thumbnail image for St Regis Close in April

St Regis Close in April

An imaginative city garden filled with spring tulips, humour, mirrors, follies and unique garden structures

Thumbnail image for Quarry Cottage in May

Quarry Cottage in May

An informal, quarter-acre hillside plot that, come spring, abounds with spring bulbs and frothy perennials

Thumbnail image for Garden Lodge in Spring

Garden Lodge in Spring

On a crisp April morning, this garden shines with the beauty of tulips, daffodils and new leaves

Thumbnail image for Flowering Trees in April and May

Flowering Trees in April and May

There’s no surer sign that spring is in the air than blossom and blooms on boughs and branches

Thumbnail image for Hellebore Plant Profile

Hellebore Plant Profile

Hellebores, with their exquisite winter flowers and long flowering season, have enchanted generations of gardeners

Thumbnail image for Spring Containers

Spring Containers

Nothing heralds spring better than flowers, with many of the brightest thriving in pots for weeks on end

Thumbnail image for Mill House in May

Mill House in May

Spring in this traditional garden brings fresh foliage, blossom and the flowering of 2000 tulips

Thumbnail image for Daffodil Plant Profile

Daffodil Plant Profile

There’s a wide range of daffodils, with different varieties flowering from January until April, in pots, drifts, borders or beds

Thumbnail image for Spring Tulip Spectacular

Spring Tulip Spectacular

Come April, and a small but brilliant splash of colour on a bare hillside reveals a garden of massed tulips

Thumbnail image for One Brook Cottages in April

One Brook Cottages in April

A terraced cottage garden full of spring bulbs, narcissus and tulips, with auricula theatre, deck, summerhouse

Thumbnail image for Springhead in Autumn

Springhead in Autumn

Springhead is magical as autumn colour tints trees, and reflections play on the ancient lake by a gazebo and mill

Thumbnail image for Chiswick Garden in May

Chiswick Garden in May

Small, informal town garden with gazebo of spring wisteria, summer flower beds, pool, bridge, lawns and terrace

Thumbnail image for Lily Plant Portrait

Lily Plant Portrait

Lilies are spring and summer bulbs with stunning lily flowers in white, pink, orange, cream, deep red or yellow

Thumbnail image for Killieser in Spring

Killieser in Spring

By April, this small London garden of borders, pots, woodland and parterre is full of tulips and spring flowers

Thumbnail image for Holt Organic Farm in Spring

Holt Organic Farm in Spring

By April, the gravel garden at Holt Organic Farm has blossom and spring bulbs — tulips, allium and meadow camassias

Thumbnail image for High Beeches in Spring

High Beeches in Spring

High Beeches is a historic woodland garden where spring sees leaves unfurl on old trees and azaleas in flower

Thumbnail image for Bulbs for every month of the year

Bulbs for every month of the year

There are different bulbs to flower in winter, spring, summer and autumn, naturalised or in borders, beds or pots